Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My latest abstract work in encaustic, Unearthed, which will be featured in a group show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in October, called "Imagination", addresses the idea of uncovering things which have been buried for perhaps a lifetime, consciously or unconsciously.  However it is the action of 'uncovering' that will sustain one for a lifetime.  The following quote is from The Tao of Pooh written by Benjamin Hoff.  "A saying from the area of Chinese medicine would be appropriate to mention here: 'One disease, long life; no disease, short life.' In other words, those who know what's wrong with them and take care of themselves accordingly will tend to live a lot longer than those who consider themselves perfectly healthy and neglect their weaknesses.  So, in that sense, at least, a Weakness of some sort can do you a big favor, if you acknowledge that it's there....Once you face and understand your limitations, you can work with them, instead of having them work against you and get in your way, which is what they do when you ignore them, whether you realize it or not.  And then you will find that, in many cases, your limitations can be your strengths.  Unearthed also speaks about knowledge gained from experience and how that can be at times, more valuable than anything ever read from a book.  In the Tao of Pooh, Pooh is the epitome of simplicity.  All he thinks about is honey, essentially sustenance.  Really isn't that all we need, even when all has been uncovered...air, food, shelter, oh and art.

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  1. Again, so very happy for you. I LOVE Karma!!! Hugs, Suzanne