Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Alter Egos

"Alter Egos" is the title I am giving to my new series of work in Encaustic. The square, box shapes I have been working with in my imagery has been forming a life all its own. Funny though, it is my life. The alter ego is sort of considered the second self in psychology. It is believed to be a personality, separate and distinct from one's original personality. As these forms take shape, I see people birthed right in front of me, yet they are me all the same. This first piece is called The Other Side.

The Other Side Encaustic

This is just a close-up of the painting, but it gives one the idea of "People" on one side and a sole "Person" on the other side. The idea behind this painting goes deeper in me than I can fully explain, but it alludes to the notion that we often think of things on the other side as being greener, more full and lively. Better than what we have at present. And the question I keep revisiting is "Who said it's better?" Why do I or we chase the things that are glitter and gold, why do we as a society in general continually push to have more and better things. Why can't we be happy with the simple and Less is More mentality.

The Other Side II Encaustic

Some who have seen this recent work have commented that "they" look like robots, which I think would be fitting too for my idea. How often do we follow blindly, like a robot, behind the guise of others too afraid to break free and start a fresh path. Are we robots just doing life as it has been programmed for us, as we think we should? Not even thinking of our next action?

Adjoined Encaustic
In the Shadows Encaustic

So besides thinking about whether I am inside or outside of the box and all the connotations that go along with that, I am percolating about creating these other "Kellie's". I hope to create 100 pieces that are of the 8x8 size to all hang together.

Here and There Encaustic

This piece is sort of a reflection of my inclination to always be here or there, or stated more clearly, with the crowd. My thinking is changing as I paint these pieces. I am coming to know that I am a more solitary person that needs to start to beat to the tune of my own drum. What a wonderful way to be able to work this all out in paint! Here is another Painting titled Unity.


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