Monday, April 2, 2012

Desire and Action

                                          Latitude 30x30 Encaustic

I think freedom is a falsity, perhaps just an illusion. More like a restraint, no? Being autonomous, when I consider the freedoms I allow myself, which pale in comparison to the restraints that I place on myself as an artist, as a woman, as a human being, I realize I deny my human desires, wants, and pleasures which come wrought with anxiety in exchange for repetition, safety and comfort. But is it truly helping me to exist in a world where things are the same and liberty is coloring in the lines? What would happen if I took that trail instead? What would happen if I expressed this thought in another medium? What would happen if I truly let go? There is much fear that that freedom would lead to chaos, thus becoming the opposite of its intent. Then we place restrictions on ourselves. But I have to learn to give myself Latitude. Latitude to create and live beyond what I allow myself. Try new things. Ask questions. See more. Desire. Want. Drink of Life.

                                          Folds in Time 30x30 Encaustic

Folds in Time is also very elemental and basic. It is about the peeling back of ancestral layers of time and history to reveal what has always been. The folds, or creases can never be erased, denied, or ironed out. It speaks of the human condition and of all things passed down from generation to generation. It relates to Latitude in the sense that, freedom, a very human trait, has a very generational definition from person to person or culture to culture. We must peal these layers back in order to get to the truth.

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