Friday, July 27, 2012

                                             "Wistful"  30x30  Encaustic

I like "Wistful" because it is sort of a conundrum.  It is pretty on the outside but really spinning out of control upon closer inspection.  The painting is about vague yearnings and disconnectedness.  Despite the airy, bubbly feel the work exudes, none of the lines in the painting, although very active, ever connect.  I think I can make this leap into how I and perhaps many of us have at one point or another have dealt with situations in life.  How often do we put on a pretty face, a facade, when the inside is crumbling?  How often do we show our true desires or our lack of satisfaction?  All the extras- clothes, make-up, perfect hair or body, they don't add up to understanding and true, ultimate satisfaction.  I strive in my life to come to the center and recognize my desires and present the true me.

                           "Through the Course of Time"  30x30  Encaustic

This painting is simply about opportunity and relationships.  It is my belief that over time things will happen as they are supposed to and not how we will them to.  There are no coincidences in life, things come together as they are meant to.  Despite all of our best efforts, the universe has the last laugh!

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