Tuesday, September 4, 2012

                                       "Undergrowth"  30x30  Encaustic

Undergrowth is any vegetation in the forest that obstructs the passage through that said forest.  This painting is about the things in life that stunt our progress and growth.  It is about the little things that we don't necessarily see or feel that are happening at a most basic level, unbeknownst to us.  The canopy could be flourishing but there is still brush getting in the way.  It could be a bad habit, a person, place, or thing...causing us to go off track or get lost.  We weren't given directions.  We need to trust in the "forest", our community, that we will find the way.

                                       "Abundance"  30x30  Encaustic

It is sort of funny that this painting immediately follows Undergrowth.  Despite the fact that we were not given a roadmap, we were provided with all the necessary tools that are needed to get through this life.  I believe that if take the time to pause and listen to the ultimate source of things, we will get our direction.  Life is full.  Life is abundant.  Everything we need is right here at our fingertips.  Live.  Laugh.  Love.


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