Monday, March 11, 2013


"She Spoke" 30x30 Encaustic: This painting is part of a larger series called Fabrications. "She Spoke" refers to the conversations we have when we speak about our lives. We create stories, in a sense. Each mark is a building block in our story. Some stories are built out of love and truth, while others are built out of lies and deception. But these conversations build and break down all around us. Some remain blurry,but they are constantly being fabricated.


"Transitions"....12x12 about feelings of wonder, confusion, and plainly being struck off-balance. Passing from one state to another, life is full of transitions. It has been my recent observation that, our constructions, if based completely on feelings will lead us astray. Transitions come to us when we see the need for truth and authenticity.

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