Wednesday, June 12, 2013

For the time being...

"Transformation" 24x24 Encaustic

This painting is about self awareness and self consciousness. The idea that through the smoky haze of life there are still structures and boundaries, there is still light, but things are not always clear. We need to search through the fog to build our own language of transformation and sublimation. We need to take risks and let go in order to grow in this life - oh, and make lots of mistakes!

"Meanwhile" 20x20 Encaustic

This work is about mending fences, in a metaphorical sense. Or you could say forgiveness. The question is, what does one do to maintain simplicity and encompass the light of the world, while still holding on to the darkness? In order to mend fences that darkness must fade over time. But meanwhile...the two can be nurtured in a mature, loving fashion.

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