Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chance or meant to be?

"Circumstance" 24x24 Encaustic

How much in life happens by chance? Or perhaps it was always meant to be... In the painting "Circumstance", a lot of the linear devices deliver the viewer through the work from one space to the next, from the top to the bottom. Yet there are many interruptions along the way...much like what happens in life. I have included this painting in my series "Fabrications" because it is about building and transition. But I question the idea of building; we make plans and we construct our lives and in my experience, most often these plans are frequently thwarted and it makes me think- Maybe there is a divine plan, a bigger picture...when I force my will, things don't work as I expect. I find my plan is always being interrupted for circumstance; yet is it chance, or was it meant to be? Or is there really a difference between the two? Perhaps they are one in the same. We can build so much on our own and the rest is left to, well, you decide...

"With Reservation" 30x30 Encaustic

This painting is very simple and to the point for me. Things in this piece seem to be spilling out, and in my experience in life, when I withhold things and keep my emotions inside of myself, things have a tendency of spilling over. There needs to be a fine balance between the things we share and the things we hold so that nothing is lost or compromised.

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