Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Darkness Made Visible

                                     "Apparition I" 30x30 Encaustic

I originally started these paintings as a side exploration.  I was reading the book, Black: The History of a Color, by Michel Pastoureau when I decided I wanted to work with black and shades thereof.  Nothing happens by accident!  I chose my color palette, as I always do when I begin a painting...and it is typical that the painting only reveals itself to me at the very end.  So it was with this first painting.  I laid down the final mark and stepped away.  Much to my surprise, I saw the figure of a woman's body!  I could not deny it.  I called it Apparition because not only was it something or someone appearing to me it was something becoming visible, a truth, a reality.  It haunted me.  So I decided to create the next painting.

                                   "Apparition II"  30x30 Encaustic

My color choices, black, graphite grey, buff titanium, and light blue with a hint of brown pink, helped to give the paintings this ethereal look.  I continued to search for the person or truth that was trying to make itself known to me.  Between the time it took for me to paint the second and third painting, the darkness was made visible.  I just had to listen for it to be revealed.

                                  "Apparition III"  30x30  Encaustic

By the completion of the third painting, all was illuminated for me.  I am in a place of comfort and satisfaction in my life.  I know what I want and what I will do to get it.  I know who's important to me and who is just a passing phase.  I am in search of all that is true in life, in all beings and things.  Join me if you will....

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  1. Fantastic your honesty and passion. Miss you. Suzanne